The Statistical Yearbook 2015 - facts and trends at the outset of the 2030 Development Agenda

Cover of Statistical Yearbook

Released: 17 February 2016

For the first time the Yearbook is presenting analyses of the major development trends for countries in Asia and the Pacific as they relate to the new 17 Sustainable Development Goals, investigating subregional trends and highlighting progress and disparities in social, economic and environmental development.

The Yearbook is being released with “Did you know?” development facts about the region, and an overview factsheet for each country in Asia and the Pacific.

ESCAP Statistical Database

The ESCAP online statistical database provides a regional perspective on development issues in Asia and the Pacific. The database, covering the 58 regional ESCAP Member States and Associate Members, contains 900 data series on a wide range of topics on population, education, health, poverty and inequalities, gender, economy, environment and connectivity. The online database is updated twice a year.

Make your own charts and maps

The data visualization area offers alternative ways for users to explore ESCAP Statistical Database through a choice of interactive tools to generate time-animated statistical charts and maps.

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