ESCAP Statistical Database

The Statistics Division maintains the ESCAP online statistical database providing a regional perspective on development issues in Asia and the Pacific. The database, containing approximately 630 data series, is updated twice a year and made available online for users. It was last updated on 1st December 2014.

Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific

Cover of Statistical Yearbook

The Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific, will be available as a printed product every other year. The Statistical Yearbook 2014 is published as an electronic file only, it consists of (1) short analytical texts on 32 selected diverse topics, such as population, education, health, poverty and inequalities, gender, economy, environment and connectivity in the region and related key messages as well as relevant data tables, and (2) country profiles of main development indicators for each of the 58 regional member countries/areas of ESCAP.

Data Visualization

The data visualization area offers alternative ways for users to explore ESCAP Statistical Database through a choice of interactive tools to generate time-animated statistical charts and maps.

We welcome your feedback and comments on how to improve the online database and related products to ensure their greatest value to your work. Email: [email protected]