Taking India to the Next Level - the Role of the Business Community on India's Path to Prosperity and Sustainability.

Distinguished Speakers and Participants, Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to come conclude by saying that,

Each of the countries in Asia has an important role in assisting other countries to address the imbalances I discussed. India is no exception to this rule. Cooperation among all stakeholders, especially of the investing community as creators of wealth and employment, is essential given the increase in global interdependence, which has changed the way the world interacts, the ways it invests and trades, and the nature of the problems it faces. Governments are far more aware of how transnational and multidisciplinary problems are the most difficult ones to solve. There are new pressures to find inter-national solutions to global problems.

Ladies and gentlemen,

It is time for us to urge India to play a greater role and to determine how it can contribute to promoting and strengthening countries and the United Nations to work in a more efficient and effective manner, in order to achieve the Millennium Development Goals. I hope the outcome of this meeting will contribute further to enhancing and broadening cooperation amongst all stakeholders in the adventure of development and bring India to new heights.
I urge all business leaders in this illustrious audience to participate in this adventure.

I would like to leave with you two key messages:

One, for the public sector: we need the resources, technology and know-how of business to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Two, for business: CSR is not only the right thing to do; it is also the only long term sound business practice or as the UN Secretary General said, in another context, the “smart thing to do”.

Thank you for your attention.