Introductory Statement to Agenda Item 5: Discussion on Establishment of Asian and Pacific Centre for the Development of Disaster Information

Mr. Chairperson,
Distinguished delegates,

The Commission will recall that, through resolution 67/4 adopted in 2011, during its sixty-seventh session, it requested the Executive Secretary to support the process for the establishment of the Asian and Pacific centre for the development of disaster information management. Document E/ESCAP/70/23 reports on the significant progress that has been made in this regard.

Furthermore, through the same resolution, the Commission also requested the Executive Secretary to include, in the secretariat’s evaluation plan for 2013, an evaluation of the activities under paragraph 4 of the resolution and the need for, and benefit of, establishing the Centre as a subsidiary body of the Commission, and submit the results of that evaluation to the Commission at its seventieth session.

In this regard, the secretariat received a request from the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, via a note verbale dated 12 November 2013, to postpone the evaluation of the centre for one year, until the end of 2014. This request was made to allow for further progress in establishing the centre, including the convening of subregional and regional meetings on disaster information management which are critical for its operationalization.

In view of the above, the Commission may wish to request the secretariat to reschedule the evaluation for the end of 2014, and submit the results of the evaluation to the Commission at its seventy-first session.

I thank you.