ESCAP 70th Commission Session Closing Remarks

Mr. Chair,
Distinguished delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the first phase of the 70th session of the Commission draws to a close, may I, first of all, express my deep appreciation to you Ambassador Kazi Imtiaz Hossain, for the very skilful manner in which you have guided our deliberations.

My sincere thanks also go to the Vice-Chairs and all the participants for the contributions they have made to the work of the Commission today. I should like to express my profound appreciation to all the distinguished participants for upholding the traditional spirit of harmony and consensus during this session.

I believe we should be very pleased with the outcome of our deliberations. Allow me to highlight some of our key decisions:

Firstly, we endorsed the draft strategic framework for the biennium 2016-2017, and the programme changes for the biennium 2014-2015.

Secondly, we adopted two very important and in my opinion, ground-breaking, resolutions that will strengthen regional economic integration, and build resilience to natural disasters, through better statistics and information systems.

Thirdly, the Commission decided on a very timely theme topic for its seventy-first session. The theme topic “Balancing the three dimensions of sustainable development: From integration to implementation” will outline a conceptual framework that can capture the synergies and trade-offs among the three dimensions of sustainable development, as well as present a typology of institutions and policies that are best-suited for their balanced integration.

Finally, the Commission elected the members of the Governing Council of APCTT in New Delhi.

My colleagues in the secretariat and I will spare no effort to implement, in the most efficient and timely manner possible, the decisions that the Commission has made at this first phase of the 70th session. In this regard, we look forward to the holding of the second phase of the Commission session from 4 to 8 August, here at the United Nations Conference Centre in Bangkok. We also look forward to strong, high-level and active participation from all members and associate members.

I thank you all for your valuable participation at this session. I hope to see all of you again at our resumed session from 4 to 8 August 2014.

I thank you.