11 Nov 2012
Public information and advocacy materials

Presentations on Public-Private Partnerships Modality for Infrastructure Development:
1. Features of Public-Private Partnerships
2. Principal barriers/constraints to successful public-private partnerships
3. Creating an environment conducive to public-private partnerships
4. Risk management in public-private partnerships
5. Islamic financing
6. Islamic Development Bank - Public-Private Partnerships Experiences

11 Nov 2012
Public information and advocacy materials

Presentations on Addressing selected planning and policy issues in Public-Private Partnerships:
1. Policy, legal and regulartory frameworks
2. Government support to PPP projects
3. Processes and procedures for implementing public-private partnerships, including effective management over their life cycle
4. Procurement
5. Capacity building for PPP development

26 Sep 2012
Manuals, guidelines, training materials

Tentative programme of the 6th China-ASEAN Forum on Social Development, 26-27 September 2012.

1 Mar 2002
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The liberalization of maritime transport services and how the World Trade Organization (WTO) contributes to the issue is the focus of this report. It examines ESCAP activities in the transport sector and initiatives in trade policy. It provides information on the maritime transport industry and liberalization policies in Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, the Philippines, the Republic of Korea, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Turkey, and Viet Nam.

2 Oct 2007
Public information and advocacy materials

This Primer was developed by Mr. Abdul Quium. It was prepared originally in a different form for discussion at the High-level Expert Group Meeting on Public-Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development, 2-4 October 2007, Seoul, Republic of Korea, jointly organized by UNESCAP and the then Ministry of Planning and Budget, Republic of Korea. Comments and suggestions were made in the meeting. At different stages helpful comments and suggestions were also received from Mr. John Moon, Mr. Richard Alexander Roehrl and his other colleagues.

5 Jun 2014
Public information and advocacy materials

Regional Programme for the Improvement of Economic Statistics in Asia and the Pacific (RPES).

>> Региональная программа по совершенствованию экономической статистики в Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе (РПЭС)

Региональная программа по совершенствованию экономической статистики в Азиатско-Тихоокеанском регионе (РПЭС), а также Основной набор данных экономической статистики (далее Основной набор) были одобрены на второй сессии Комитета по статистике ЭСКАТО в 2010 году. В 2012 году третья сессия Комитета одобрила План осуществления РПЭС.

1 Jan 2013
Public information and advocacy materials

The United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (UNNExT) is a community of knowledge and practice for experts from developing countries and transition economies from Asia and the Pacific involved in the implementation of electronic trade systems and trade facilitation. Established by the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), it aims to support national, subregional and transcontinental Single Window and paperless trade initiatives.

15 Mar 1999
Manuals, guidelines, training materials

The southern corridor of the Trans-Asian Railway is one of four corridor studies undertaken by UNESCAP as part of the Asian Land Transport Infrastructure Development (ALTID) project. The principal function of the corridor is to allow through railway transport of containers between South Asia and Europe, Southern China and Europe, and Thailand and Europe. Another function is to connect by rail the hinterland regions of the countries in the corridor with their nearest ports.

24 Jan 2011
Official documents

Report of the Side-event on Modernizing statistical information systems, Bangkok, 17 December 2010, Committee on Statistics, 2nd session, Bangkok, 15-17 December 2010, prepared by ESCAP Statistics.

29 Oct 2013
Official documents

This presentation originates from the Third meeting of the Steering Group for the Regional Programme on Economic Statistics, Bangkok, 29-31 October 2013, presented by Jonathon Khoo, Australian Bureau of Statistics.