Trade Insights

Is trade policy being effectively used to curb drinking and smoking? Evidence from ASEAN (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No. 21)

5 Jan 2018

Implications of Brexit to the Asia-Pacific region: with a focus on least developed countries (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No. 20)

3 Mar 2017

Adding value to Indonesian mining exports: Time to revisit export restrictions? (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No. 19)

22 Aug 2016

Removing obstacles to low value consignments trade for Asia-Pacific small and medium-sized enterprises (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No.18)

8 Jul 2016

Trade in the Digital Age: Can e-Residency be an enabler for Asia-Pacific Developing Countries? (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No.17)

20 Apr 2016

Impacts of Imported Technology in Asia-Pacific Developing Countries: Evidence from Firm-Level Data (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No.16)

24 Mar 2016

Double Trouble? Meeting the Export Target for Asia-Pacific Least Developed Countries in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No.15)

29 Feb 2016

Delivering in Nairobi – and After (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No.14)

14 Dec 2015

Waiting for Service? Progress in Preferential Market Access for Asia-Pacific Least Developed Countries’ Services Exports (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No.13)

2 Sep 2015

Trade Facilitation Implementation in Asia-Pacific 2015: Moving Towards Paperless Trade (ESCAP Trade Insights: Issue No.12)

3 Aug 2015