TIID Working Papers

Science, technology, and innovation in international investment agreements in the Asia-Pacific region (TIID Working Paper No.3/2017)

30 Oct 2017

Behind-the-Border Trade Facilitation in Asia-Pacific: Cost of Trade, Credit Information, Contract Enforcement and Regulatory Coherence (TIID Working Paper Series 2/09)

15 Apr 2009

Myanmar: Opening Up To Its Trade and Foreign Direct Investment Potential (TIID Working Paper Series 1/12)

31 Dec 2012

Agricultural Trade Costs in Asia and the Pacific: Patterns, Compositions and Determinants (TIID Working Paper Series 2/12)

25 Nov 2012

Cross-border E-Trade: The ASEAN Single Window (TIID Working Paper Series 3/12)

31 Dec 2012

Dealing with challenges for making trade inclusive (TIID Working Paper Series No.4/13)

1 Nov 2013

Strengthening the legal framework for attracting FDI: The case of Lao People's Democratic Republic (TIID Working Paper No.2/2017)

4 Jul 2017

Renewable Energy Sector in Emerging Asia: Development and Policies (TIID Working Paper No.1/2017)

5 Jan 2017

Paperless Trade in Regional Trade Agreements (TIID Working Paper No.2/2016)

25 Nov 2016

Intellectual Property Rights in the Asia-Pacific Trade Context (TIID Working Paper No.2/2015)

29 Dec 2015