25 Nov 2014
Working paper series

Latest available figures indicate that close to 40 per cent of the world’s population suffering from hunger and malnutrition belongs to South Asia. Remarkable strides towards enhancing food production in the recent decades in the region seem to have limited impact on undernourishment that remains pervasive. While recognizing the multidimensionality and complexity of reasons behind persistent poverty and hunger in the region, this study identifies freer intraregional trade in food products as a partial but effective solution which can contribute to substantially enhance food security.

21 Nov 2014


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21 Nov 2014


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21 Nov 2014

This handbook serves three purposes, namely: i) to identify best practices in responsible and sustainable banking and finances; ii) to raise awareness and undertake policy advocacy in the area of responsible banking and finance; and iii) to serve as a tool for undertaking capacity development through training and other pertinent programmes. The approach taken to producing this handbook has been to highlight three aspects, namely: i) corporate governance; ii) corporate social responsibility; and iii) corporate sustainability, as they pertain to banks and financial institutions.

21 Nov 2014


Volume 29 No. 1
A development imperative: civil registration and vital statistics
systems in the Asia-Pacific region by Carla Abouzahr, Claudia Stein, Nigel Chapman, Daniel Toole,
Christophe LeFranc, Kaushal Joshi and Rikke Munk Hansen

Strengthening civil registration and vital statistics in the Asia-Pacific
region: learning from country experiences by Carla Abouzahr, Said Yaqoob Azimi, Lisa Grace S. Bersales, Chandrasekaran Chandramouli, Lourdes Hufana, Khalid Khan, Gulnara Kulkayeva, Jonathan Marskell, and Lyaziza Sauyekenova

21 Nov 2014


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21 Nov 2014


Volume 28 No. 1
Sexual and reproductive health and rights in Asia and the Pacific: the unfinished agenda. By Rajat Khosla
Population and social integration policies in Asia and the Pacific. By Ghazy Mujahid
Population dynamics and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. By Adrian C. Hayes

21 Nov 2014


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21 Nov 2014


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