23 Jun 2016
Working paper series

Population ageing is becoming an increasing challenge in Fiji. The demographic transformation has been accompanied by widespread socioeconomic changes, which have principally affected social support systems. With decreasing family size and changing economic demands, support systems for the most vulnerable have come under severe stress. A combination of factors, including low economic growth, a large informal sector, high unemployment, mandatory early retirement, pose a challenge to income security for older persons in Fiji.

15 Jun 2016
Working paper series

The rapid increase of the number of older persons, particularly the oldest-old - those above 80 years - increases the need for long-term care of older persons in the Asia-Pacific region. This working paper series examines the prevailing system of provision and financing of long-term care for older persons in selected countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

10 Jun 2016

As part of the Regional Framework for Action on HIV and AIDS Beyond 2015 adopted at the intergovernmental meeting on HIV and AIDS in January 2015, a regional input on the progress made in addressing legal and policy barriers to HIV services is to be submitted to the United Nations General Assembly High-Level Meeting on Ending AIDS convened in New York, 8-10 June 2016. Towards that end, this report was commissioned for the United Nations Regional Interagency Team on AIDS.