15 Feb 2017
Working paper series

Information and communications technology (ICT) has been the driving force behind game-changing innovations and socioeconomic transformations, which are shaping our economy and society at multiple levels. New technological advancements, such as artificial intelligence, have been transforming the manufacturing and service sectors, and have ushered a plethora of innovations, which are changing the way people interact, work and live.

2 Feb 2017

International trade and investment have enabled many countries in the Asia-Pacific region to boost economic growth and have lifted millions out of poverty. As the Asia-Pacific region continues to thrive economically, trade and investment barriers are being dissolved and eliminated. As countries begin to depend on each other more, trade policy is gradually becoming a useful measure to achieve inclusive and sustainable development.

5 Jan 2017
Working paper series

In the past few decades rapid economic growth in emerging Asia has led to a critical increase of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, especially in China, which has now become one of the biggest GHG emitting countries in the world. To decouple economic growth from negative environmental impact, renewable energy sources and associated new technologies have emerged. Transition to renewable energy sources, however, requires a massive investment from various financial sources.

29 Dec 2016

The Asia-Pacific Development Journal is published twice a year by the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific.

Its primary objective is to provide a medium for the exchange of knowledge, experience, ideas, information and data on all aspects of economic and social development in the Asian and Pacific region. The emphasis of the Journal is on the publication of empirically based, policy-oriented articles in the areas of poverty alleviation, emerging social issues and managing globalization.

19 Dec 2016
Flagship publications and book series

The Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific is a peer-reviewed journal published once a year by the Transport Division (TD) of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP). The main objectives of the Bulletin are to provide a medium for the sharing of knowledge, experience, ideas, policy options and information on the development of transport infrastructure and services in the Asia-Pacific region; to stimulate policy-oriented research; and to increase awareness of transport policy issues and responses.

2 Dec 2016

This publication seeks to support policymakers in promoting accessibility at a policy and practical level. It contains information on relevant global and regional mandates that support and promote disability-inclusive development and accessibility, with a view to demonstrate the multi-faceted value of focusing on disability and accessibility policies to achieve broader development goals. Readers will learn about the core concepts of disability and accessibility, and be empowered with knowledge on standards, tools and means of promoting accessibility.

1 Dec 2016
Flagship publications and book series

Despite sluggish global growth, economic conditions in the Asia-Pacific region have somewhat stabilized in 2016 on the back of resilient domestic demand and an easing of financial conditions. However, labour market prospects seem weak while income inequality has been on the rise. Going forward, sustaining the region’s dynamism against weak external demand will require parallel progress on both productivity and inclusiveness fronts, supported by proactive fiscal policy and good governance.

29 Nov 2016
Flagship publications and book series

The Asia-Pacific Trade and Investment Report (APTIR) is a major annual publication of the Trade, Investment and Innovation Division of United Nations ESCAP. It aims to deepen understanding of trends and developments in trade and investment in the Asia-Pacific region; emerging issues in trade, investment and trade facilitation policies, and impacts of these policies on countries' abilities to meet the challenges of achieving inclusive and sustainable development.

25 Nov 2016
Working paper series

In this working paper we develop a comprehensive list of paperless trade measures and provisions in regional trade agreements (RTAs) and examine the extent to which they are featured in various RTAs, including in the TPP and ASEAN agreements. The number of paperless trade measures in RTAs is found to have doubled between 2005-8 and 2013-16 at the global level. Most recent RTAs contain more and deeper provisions than those featured in the WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement.