The ESCAP Procurement Unit provides services to support the programmes and the operations of the UNESCAP Secretariat. Additionally the Procurement Unit conducts all purchasing actions for and on behalf of other UN Agencies including UNEP, UNISDR, UNCCD, OHCHR and OCHA Bangkok office.

Vendor Registration

To be considered for registration, it is important that potential vendors/organizations provide correct and accurate information.

How to register as a potential supplier of goods and/or services to UNESCAP

Please visit the online supplier registration form to submit your information. In order to be considered for registration by UNESCAP Procurement Unit, please provide the following information in English only:

  • Current and valid copy of certificate of incorporation/business certificate or national equivalent;
  • Latest certified/audited financial statements , ie. balance sheet and income statements; or your Annual Report to Shareholders; or similar information on the financial reliability of your company;
  • Banking information such as Bank Name, Account Name, SWIFT/BIC Address, Bank Address, Bank Account Number.
  • General information about the firm and your products/services, including copy of latest standards of quality certification for your products/services that you wishes to register;
  • Letter of reference from at least three (3) clients to whom your company has provided goods/services over the past twelve (12) months;
  • Payment terms.

If you require assistance or technical help in completing the registration requirements, please forward your inquiry to the Procurement Unit at this email address: [email protected].

Each application will be evaluated by the Procurement Unit on the basis of experiece, financial soundness of the supplier and relevance of the goods or services. Interested applicants may wish to provide a set of catalogues or specifications related to its products or services. Please forward the certified application with supporting documents to:

Procurement Unit
Division of Administration
United Nations ESCAP
United Nations Building
Rajdamnern Nok Avenue
Bangkok 10200 Thailand
Attn: Chief, Procurement Unit

Submission of a completed application package does not mean automatic inclusion in the database. Registration will depend on the result of the evaluation of your application. Inclusion of your company in the database does not mean that it will be included in all supplier solicitations. Only that your company, if included in the database, will be given equal consideration in the process of supplier selection.


  • How can I register as a supplier to ESCAP?

    By sending a completed application with a brief summary of your product/service range accompanied; by a short-form brochure if any, and the most recent annual report or financial statement to determine if your company supplies products/services which we purchase.
  • I have been approved as an ESCAP vendor but I have never been invited to bid.

    This may be because the product or service you offer is rarely required, and we simply haven't needed to buy any.
  • I heard there is a bid going on for "xyz" product or service. I want to participate. Who shall I contact?

    You are encouraged to contact our offices. Please note that you will be required to undertake the same registration process before your company would be considered.
  • Are ESCAP purchases tax/duty free?

    As an inter-governmental organization, ESCAP is exempt from payment of al taxes and duties for all its purchases.
  • Does ESCAP conduct purchases for the whole United Nations system?

    No. ESCAP organizes procurement for the ESCAP Secretariat, and associated programmes/projects only. Other UN agencies, funds, and programmes carry out their own procurement activities within their own established rules.
  • How does the ESCAP pay suppliers?

    ESCAP standard payment terms are net payable in 30 days upon receipt of invoice and delivery of goods or performance of contractual services, whichever is later. ESCAP do not issue letters of credit or make an advance payment.
  • Does the United Nations require performance guarantee?

    ESCAP may require a successful contractor to furnish performance bonds in the United Nations standard format or similar forms of guarantee. The amount of performance bonds/guarantees will vary depending on the nature of the requirements. The United Nations may also include a liquidated damages clause in its contractual documents in case adherence to the schedule of delivery of goods or performance of contractual services is critical to meet the requirements of ESCAP.


Interested vendors/organizations that wishes to contact our unit for general enquiries, please contact us between 8:30 - 16:30 hours (Monday - Friday):

Procurement Unit
Division of Administration
United Nations ESCAP

14th Floor, Block B
The United Nations Building
Rajadamnern Nok Avenue
Bangkok 10200

Telephone: +66 (0) 2 288 1262
Fax: +66 (0) 2 288 1034
E-mail: [email protected]