Business Development


The business sector has played a central role in driving economic growth and innovation, while creating employment and generating income through skill development and productivity improvement. In particular, the development of private sector business is therefore at the heart of efforts to alleviate poverty and foster overall development in Asia and the Pacific. ESCAP has targeted its focus on the development of entrepreneurship and small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) as they represent the overwhelming majority in the Asian and Pacific economies. We provide technical assistance and produce training manuals and guidebooks to help governments formulate policies to establish a conducive business environment and help businesses grow in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. We also facilitate public and private sector dialogues for this purpose. We particularly recognize the tremendous potential in supporting the development of women and young entrepreneurs in the region and assist SMEs in becoming part of regional and global value chains. A concrete highlight of our work is the establishment of the ESCAP Business Advisory Council (EBAC), which aims to provide business perspectives on development issues in the Asia-Pacific region to governments, as represented in the legislative bodies of ESCAP.