Trade and Investment Research

Effective trade and investment policy can lead to better economic and social outcomes, including higher and more sustainable growth, and improved standards of living. Policymakers need to determine many crucial elements of trade and investment policy including: making decisions on market access; negotiating international trade agreements; supporting companies and individuals to take advantage of opportunities; and promoting the development of national innovation systems and technology transfer. Good decisions depend on the availability of high-quality research and analysis. Our regular annual reports, as well as frequent working papers, provide crucial insights into emerging issues and the latest trends. In addition, ESCAP activity in research, including through the Asia Pacific Research and Training Network on Trade (ARTNeT), helps develop the research capacity in member states themselves on which effective decision-making depends. ESCAP also offers evidence-based trade policymaking trainings. These are tailored courses for policymakers and other participants to obtain the skills and knowledge needed for making informed, balanced and transparent policy decisions. The trainings illustrate how selected policy issues can be addressed through the most appropriate research approaches at different stages of the policymaking process.