Macroeconomic Monitoring


The recent financial crisis coupled with food and fuel crises and the external effects of policies in advanced economies has highlighted the importance of having effective, timely, consistent and relevant macroeconomic monitoring systems, which can provide early warning of potential downturns and make the region better prepared to withstand future economic and financial crises. Such monitoring systems also foster an enabling economic environment for inclusive, resilient and sustainable growth and development.

ESCAP’s flagship publication and the oldest and most comprehensive annual review of development in this diverse region, the Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific, and the Year-end Update provide detailed analyses on the short and medium-term challenges for the region and the outlook for the year ahead, along with a comprehensive monitoring of macroeconomic situation. The Survey and the Year-end Update proffer policy options for governments to overcome these new and emerging challenges in order to maintain the pursuit of inclusive and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.