29 May 2010-Ansan, Korea-Hydro windmill complex on the sea:1.6 billion people — a quarter of humanity — live without electricity. Number of people living without electricity by region: South Asia 706 million, Sub-Saharan Africa 547 million, East Asia 224 million, Other 101 million.(UN Millennium Development Goals Report 2007) Photo Credit:Kibae Park/Sipa Press

The ESCAP secretariat fosters regional cooperation and supports member States to identify energy challenges and generate sound policy response measures by providing a platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange. With the guidance and backing of its member States, the secretariat recently convened the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum at the ministerial level in May 2013 hosted by the Russian Federation. The outcome documents include a ministerial declaration and regional plan of action that establish ESCAP’s overarching 2014-2018 energy development agenda.

The secretariat is committed to achieve ESCAP’s vision of a sustainable energy future. The secretariat is currently engaged in a number of programmed and projects aimed at advancing energy access, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Furthermore, through the development of a concept of the integrated regional power grid - “Asian Energy Highway”, which is seeking to expand regional integration through infrastructure and policy connectivity, regional energy cooperation will be enhanced towards sustainable development.