Commemoration of the World Water Day 2013 - International Water Cooperation

World Water Day 2013
World Water Day 2013

The United Nations in the will celebrate World Water Day 2013, in the Asia-Pacific region on Friday, 22 March, 9:00 -12:00 at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC-Meeting Room A).

The Theme of the World Water Day 2013 is the International Water Cooperation in Asia and the Pacific. The fulfillment of basic human needs, our environment, socio-economic development and poverty reduction are all heavily dependent on water. Designating 2013 as the UN International Year of Water Cooperation, recognizes that cooperation is essential to strike a balance between the different needs and priorities and share this precious resource equitably, using water as an instrument of peace.

Statements will be made by:
Mr. Shun-ichi Murata, Deputy Executive Secretary of the Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)
Mr. Gwang-Jo Kim Director of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Bangkok
Mr. Hiroyuki Konuma, Regional Director, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific.
Mr. Surapol Pattanee, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand.
The event will feature a panel discussion on International Water Cooperation will examine how international water cooperation should evolve as well as the most feasible policy goals that ensure sustainable development.

The panel will feature Ms. Sukontha Aekaraj, MONRE, Thailand, Mr. Thierry Facon, Senior Water Management Officer, FAO, Mr. Wouter T. Lincklaen Arriens, Asia Development Bank, and Mr. Satit Phiromchai, Director, Operations Division, Mekong River Commission Secretariat and other experts and participants.