APCICT and Myanmar government conduct capacity-building workshop on e-government, information security and privacy

On 13-17 May, APCICT and the Union Civil Service Board (UCSB) of Myanmar jointly organized the National workshop on e-Government and Information Security & Privacy at the Central Institute of Civil Service in Upper Myanmar.

Attended by over 50 officials from various ministries, regional and state government, and the national parliament, the workshop coincided with the opening of a new training facility for the Central Institute of Civil Service and presented to the participants Module 3: “e-Government Applications” and Module 6: “Information Security and Privacy” of APCICT’s flagship programme, the Academy of ICT Essentials for Government Leaders (Academy).

The e-government component of the workshop provided the participants with key elements and concepts, principles and types of e-government applications. It also discussed how an e-government system is built by providing detailed analysis of exemplar systems and identifying design considerations. The component on information security and privacy offered the participants an overview of the need for information security, the latest issues and trends in the field, and the process of formulating an information security strategy.

After the initial roll-out of “the Academy" programme in Myanmar in 2010, the first three modules of the programme were localized into Myanmar language in order to enhance its contextual relevance, help raise awareness among government officials on the effective use of ICT for development, and support long-term institutionalization of ICT capacity building initiatives in the country.

Since its launch in June, 2008, “the Academy" has reached 26 countries in the Asia-Pacific region as well as Africa and the Middle-East. It is available in 11 languages and has reached over 14,000 participants through face-to-face and online course enrolments.

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