Job Openings

Professional and Higher Categories
Level Position Division/Office Deadline
D-2 Deputy Executive Secretary for Sustainable Development Office of the Executive Secretary 20 Nov 2015
P-5 Chief, Development Policy Section Macroeconomic Policy and Development Division 30 Dec 2015
P-5 Regional Adviser on Macroeconomics Macroeconomic Policy and Development Division 30 Oct 2015
P-5 Senior Sustainable Development Officer ESCAP Subregional Office for the Pacific, Suva, Fiji 20 Nov 2015
P-4 Economic Affairs Officer (Water) Environment and Development Division 8 Nov 2015
P-3 Statistician Statistics Division 29 Oct 2015
P-3 Translator, Russian Office of the Deputy Executive Secretary for Operations 23 Oct 2015
General Service Category
Level Position Division/Office Deadline
G-4 Information Technology Assistant (Temporary) Centre for the Alleviation of Poverty through Sustainable Agriculture, Bogor, Indonesia 31 Oct 2015
G-4 Team Assistant (Temporary) Transport Division 8 Oct 2015