Job Openings


Professional and Higher Categories
Level Position Division/Office Deadline
D-1 Head of Office, ESCAP Subregional Office for East and North-East Asia ESCAP Subregional Office for East and North-East Asia, Incheon, Republic of Korea 31 Aug 2017
P-5 Chief, Sustainable Demographic Transition Section Social Development Division 31 Aug 2017
P-5 Chief, Trade Policy and Facilitation Section Trade, Investment and Innovation Division 18 Sep 2017
P-5 Head of Office (Temporary) Office of the Executive Secretary 22 Aug 2017
P-4 Chief, Conference Management Unit Division of Administration 23 Aug 2017
P-4 Chief, Security and Safety Section United Nations Department for Safety and Security 25 Aug 2017
P-4 Programme Officer (Temporary) Asian and Pacific Centre for the Development of Disaster Information Management 8 Sep 2017
P-3 Facilities Management Officer Division of Administration 21 Sep 2017
P-3 Information Systems Officer (Temporary) Office of Information and Communications Technology 21 Aug 2017
General Service Category
Level Position Division/Office Deadline
G-6 Human Resources Assistant (Temporary) Division of Administration 24 Aug 2017
G-5 Finance Assistant Division of Administration 1 Sep 2017
G-4 Team Assistant United Nations Environment Programme, Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific 14 Sep 2017
Consultancy Opportunity
Level Position Division/Office Deadline
- Consultant on the GTAP Modelling regarding to PTAs Trade, Investment and Innovation Division, Thailand 28 Aug 2017
- Learning and Development Consultant Roster Division of Administration, Thailand 25 Aug 2017
- Locum Nurse Division of Administration, Thailand 30 Sep 2017
- Locum Physician Division of Administration, Thailand 30 Sep 2017