WTO-ESCAP-IIUM Regional Workshop on Intellectual Property, Public Health and Environment Policy for Asian and Pacific Region

10 Jul 2012 to 12 Jul 2012
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Workshop addresses a number of important public policy issues in the field of intellectual property relevant to the work in the WTO and other forums, including IP and Public Health, and IP and the Environment i.e. access to pharmaceutical products, access to genetic resources and protection of traditional knowledge, and IP and climate change. The aim is to provide updated information and an opportunity for an exchange of views among countries of the region in order to facilitate the effective participation of participants in the policy areas under active consideration in several international forums, including the WTO, WHO, and WIPO. With regard to IP and public health, the Workshop will support participating countries in the implementation and use of the TRIPS provisions and flexibilities.

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