Workshop for Global Compact Local Networks in Asia and the Pacific

4 Nov 2009 to 6 Nov 2009
Bangkok, Thailand

In 2007 the Trade and Investment Division of ESCAP launched the Investors for Development project (I4D) in order to increase the contribution of business to sustainable development. The project promotes a more effective implementation of the principles of the Global Compact in Asia and the Pacific, by enhancing the capacity of and cooperation between Global Compact Local Networks (GCLNs) in the region.

The fifteen GCLNs in the Asian and Pacific region play an increasingly powerful role in creating awareness and promoting implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility. They root the ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption of the Global Compact within different cultural and linguistic environments. The I4D project assists these GCLNs in building their organisational capacity by providing a wide range of specialized management tools and resources – all designed to help advancing sustainable business models within their respective business environments. One of the main outputs of the I4D project is the creation of a regional GCLN-led but inclusive Community of Practice where businesses together with governments, trade unions, civil society organizations, media and academic institutions can share good practices, find tools and resources and discuss CSR and Global Compact issues. They could also develop a collective voice with the potential of becoming a substantial input to the process of integrating the Global Compact principles into national policies. The project team is now developing a collaborative portal to house an online Community of Practice which would allow seamless exchange of information among CSR practitioners in Asia and the Pacific. This plan will be discussed in depth during the workshop.

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