Strategic Advisory Body for the Modernization of Statistical Production and Services in Asia and the Pacific (SAB-AP)

23 May 2013
Asia Pacific

The ESCAP Committee on Statistics at its third session in December 2012 endorsed the establishment of a high-level strategic body and of a network of experts to raise awareness and build capacity related to concepts, methods and standards to support national efforts in modernizing statistics. These efforts also include the use of non-traditional data sources, such as big data sources to produce official statistics.

The main objective of the SAB-AP is to drive and support changes towards the modernization of statistical production and services in the Asia-Pacific region; though developing a regional strategy, mobilizing financial and human resources, acting as a regional voice on the issue of modernization, and providing strategic direction to the work of experts.

The SAB-AP has members from the following countries: Australia (chair), India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Republic of Korea, Samoa and Viet Nam.