South and South-West Asia Subregional Preparatory Consultation Meeting for the Asia and Pacific Energy Forum 2013

6 Nov 2012 to 7 Nov 2012
New Delhi, India

The South and South-West Asia Subregional Preparatory Consultation Meeting for the Asia-Pacific Energy Forum 2013 was held on 6 and 7 November at the Clarion Hotel, New Delhi. Nearly 50 participants including Government-nominated experts, technical experts, United Nations agencies, as well as specialists from international and sub- regional organizations attended the Meeting.

The main objective of the Meeting was to seek advice and guidance from the experts in identifying key common issues towards the enhancement of energy security and sustainable use of energy in the subregion. These issues shall be considered as inputs towards the Ministerial Declaration that is planned for deliberation at Vladivostok, the Russian Federation, during the Asian and Pacific Energy Forum (APEF) to be held in May 2013.

The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI), India shared a study which outline perspectives and challenges to energy security and the sustainable use of energy in South and South-West Asia. The study noted that subregional level, as an intermediate level of governance, is particularly relevant for addressing issues such as energy, that require cross-country interaction. The study served as background document for the experts’ discussions and for countries to identify key issues that are vital to enhance energy security in the subregion. The study considered the following major areas as critical to enhance subregional energy security and sustainable use of energy:

1. Improved utilization of unequally distributed resources
2. Supplementing conventional supply with renewable energy
3. Action on energy efficiency
4. Addressing energy access concerns
5. Creation of efficient subregional markets
6. Infrastructure development