Regional Workshop on Global Supply Chain and Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide

19 Nov 2013 to 22 Nov 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Complicated and slow customs procedures can increase the costs of trade and discourage economic activity. Trade facilitation measures help simplify procedures, thereby saving time and money for governments and businesses alike. The Regional Trade Facilitation Implementation Workshop, organized in collaboration with UNECE and in conjunction with the Global Trade Facilitation Conference 2013, aims at building the capacity of government officials and other stakeholders from the region on trade facilitation by introducing them to the newly developed UNECE Trade Facilitation Implementation Guide (TFIG). This online Guide provides convenient access to the various standards, recommendations, good practices, guidelines and other tools developed by global and regional organizations around the World, including those of ESCAP and the United Nations Network of Experts for Paperless Trade in Asia and the Pacific (UNNExT).Topics to be covered during the workshop include institutional arrangements for trade facilitation, Single Windows, and business process analysis of import and export procedures.