Regional Workshop on Eco-efficient Water Infrastructure towards Sustainable Urban Development and Green Economy in Asia and the Pacific

12 Dec 2013 to 13 Dec 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Infrastructure development has played a pivotal role in accelerating socio-economic development in Asia and the Pacific over recent decades. Water infrastructure, in particular, is vital for people’s livelihood and human survival and serves as a basic foundation to achieve sustainable development in the region. Confronted with formidable challenges due to the degradation of the environment and vulnerability through climate change, water infrastructure demands a paradigm shift towards more sustainable policy measures and implementation tools. Eco-efficiency for water infrastructure is, therefore, more necessary than ever before.

Against this background, ESCAP with financial support from Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) has promoted the concept of eco-efficiency with regard to water infrastructure development and management in the region. As a part of capacity building activities, ESCAP organized the regional workshop to disseminate the outcomes and lessons of ESCAP activities on eco-efficient water infrastructure; share knowledge, experience, and good practices of countries on water resources and infrastructure management in the context of urban development; and discuss ways to scale up to integrated system.