Regional Consultative Workshop to Develop a Framework and Core Set of Gender Statistics and Indicators in Asia and the Pacific

4 Nov 2013 to 6 Nov 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

At the 44th session of the United Nations Statistical Commission in 2013, member states agreed on the use of a Global Minimum Set of Gender Indicators for the national production and compilation of gender statistics as part of a broader global programme to improve the work in the field. This is one of the most recent efforts at the global level to address the many unmet needs for statistics, eighteen years after the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action laid out twelve priority areas highlighting the importance of making available data on women and men.

In Asia and the Pacific, ESCAP plans to continue close partnership with a broad range of stakeholders in strengthening national capacity to respond to existing and emerging needs for data and indicators to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Through expert discussions, the workshop aimed to produce (a) recommendations on developing a framework that would offer a compelling rationale for improving and mainstreaming gender statistics; (b) recommendations on finalizing a core set of gender statistics and indicators for Asia and the Pacific; and (c) recommendations on the basic principles of developing a regional capacity building programme and implementation plan.

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