Promoting Cross-border Paperless Trade

22 Jul 2013 to 24 Jul 2013
Incheon, Republic of Korea

In cooperation with ENEA Office and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance, Republic of Korea, ESCAP Trade and Investment Division is organizing a Subregional Capacity Building Workshop on Facilitating Cross-border Paperless Trade on 22-23 July and a Subregional Meeting on Development of Regional Arrangements for the Facilitation of Cross-border Paperless trade on 23-24 July.

At the 68th Session of the Commission held in May 2012, member countries adopted Resolution 68/3 Enabling paperless trade and the cross-border recognition of electronic data and documents for inclusive and sustainable intraregional trade facilitation, recognizing that electronic commerce enhances the expansion of trade opportunities and paperless trade has the potential to make international trade transactions more efficient and transparent. The Workshop is organized to accelerate the implementation of national paperless trade systems and address emerging challenges by sharing national experiences and subregional approaches to paperless trade.