National Capacity Building Workshop on Sustainable and Inclusive Transport Development in Bangladesh

12 Aug 2014 to 13 Aug 2014
Dhaka, Bangladesh

ESCAP Transport Division is organizing a series of national workshops, in countries across the region, to promote the use of sustainable and inclusive transport policies, in this connection a two-day national workshop will be organized in Dhaka, Bangladesh from 12 to 13 August 2014. The workshop is organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and the Roads and Highways Department Bangladesh. The tentative agenda includes: (i) Global and regional overview of sustainable transport policies and practices; (ii) National sustainable transport and urban transport policies; (iii) Sustainable urban transport systems; (iv) Integrated national and urban transport planning and institutional coordination; and (v) Mayors and senior city official’s and development partner's round tables. The workshop aims to: (a) raise awareness about the importance and benefits of sustainable and inclusive transport development; (b) showcase various policy options for sustainable and inclusive transport development; (c) exchange views and share knowledge, policies and best practices on selected aspects/key elements of sustainable transport development; (d) enhance capacity of senior policy makers/transport planners to plan and implement relevant applicable policies and best practices in their country/city; and (e) address specific issues and challenges faced by Bangladesh, major and secondary cities and possible solutions and the ways forward to enhance sustainability of transportation systems. Senior government officials, related stakeholders and development partners and governors /mayors from Dhaka and other secondary cities are expected to participate in the workshop to develop/refine sustainable and inclusive transport policy and strategy for Bangladesh and major and secondary cities.