MPDD Seminar Series on "MDGs, Poverty Reduction and Inclusive Development: Development Agenda for 2015 and Beyond" by Professor Hafiz Pasha, Beaconhouse University

20 Feb 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Dr. Hafiz Pasha (Ph.D in Economics, Stanford University, M.A in Economics, Trinity College, Cambridge University) is a renowned development economist. Currently, he is the Dean and Professor of economics at Beaconhouse University in Lahore, Pakistan. Previously, Dr. Pasha has had extensive engagement with the United Nations as the UN Assistant Secretary General and United Nations Development Program Assistant Administrator and Regional Director of the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific.

Dr. Pasha has served as the Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, with the status of a federal minister, Education Minister and Commerce Minister in three governments of Pakistan. Dr. Pasha has published over 150 books and articles in the fields of development, public finance, urban and regional economics, labor economics, and his articles have been published in international journals including the Journal of Urban Economics, Urban Studies, and Public Finance Quarterly.