Meeting of Chief Executives of National Association of Freight Forwarders, Multimodal Transport Operators and Logistics Service Providers

7 Jun 2013
Negombo, Sri Lanka

The annual Forum and CEO Meeting provide an enabling platform for freight forwarders, multimodal transport operators and logistics service providers in Asia and the Pacific to share knowledge and experience, discuss emerging issues and promote the development of their services. The forthcoming event will be organized in conjunction with the FIATA Region Asia-Pacific (RAP) Field Meeting on 5 June 2013.

The CEO Meeting is intended for executive office bearers/committee members of national associations. The Regional Forum is a larger forum intended for chief-executives, committee members and the individual members of national associations in the UNESCAP region.

1. To review development and challenges of freight forwarding, multimodal transport and logistics services in the region;
2. To promote good practices and know-how in the industry; and
3. To foster an effective dialogue of stakeholders of freight forwarding, multimodal transport and logistics service, including government, international organizations and business sector.