International Seminar on Trade Facilitation in North-East Asia

13 Dec 2016
Incheon, Republic of Korea

Held annually since 2011, ESCAP and Greater Tumen Initiative (GTI) Secretariat have been organizing the International Seminar on Trade Facilitation to provide a platform for dialogue and cooperation on trade facilitation issues among relevant stakeholders in the Greater Tumen Region comprising China, Mongolia, Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation, as well as with international organizations and private sector representatives.

This year's Seminar focused on recent initiatives and standards-related policies in agriculture trade, shared experiences on how each member is addressing sanitary and phyto-sanitary issues, as well as getting inputs from the private sector and international organizations on how to further facilitate trade in North-East Asia. The Seminar was also held back-to-back with the inaugural meetings of the GTI's newly established committees, namely 'Trade and Investment Committee and Customs Subcommittee,' which provided useful inputs in the discussion of broader issues on trade and investment among the GTI member countries.

Press release is available here. For inquiries about the Seminar, please e-mail at [email protected]