Global Trade Facilitation Conference 2013

18 Nov 2013 to 19 Nov 2013
Bangkok, Thailand

Geography and poor physical infrastructure can cause exclusion from global trade, but non-physical obstacles to trade, such as cumbersome and unpredictable export/import regulatory procedures, also significantly affect trade costs and the ability of firms in developing countries to participate in international production networks. In an effort to enhance supply chain efficiency and trade competitiveness, many countries, both developed and developing, have begun to implement national single window and other paperless systems. In this context, the Global Trade Facilitation Conference 2013 will provide a unique opportunity to review the latest developments in this area and discuss a way forward to ensure that the emergence of paperless supply chains leads to both trade facilitation and more inclusive development. The Conference is expected to build the capacity of participating policymakers and managers from Government agencies and the private sector by exposing them to good practices and international standards, instrument and tools for implementing national and cross-border paperless trade systems. The Conference is organized in collaboration with other Regional Commissions of the United Nations.