Fourth Technical Capacity-building Workshop on Afghanistan's Accession to the WTO: Compatible Institutional Framework and Trade Facilitation Agreement

11 Mar 2014 to 13 Mar 2014
New Delhi, India

Since its application for WTO membership submitted in 2004, and its first working party meeting held the same year, Afghanistan has made significant progress, completing the bulk of accession proceedings in 2013. Throughout the process, the need to further strengthen public and private stakeholders' technical capacity remains, to foster better communication, develop balanced negotiation positions and prepare for post-accession implementation of the WTO Agreements and commitments made. In this connection, ESCAP Subregional Office for South and South-West Asia has been partnering with the International Trade Centre to deliver a series of technical capacity-building workshops on Afghanistan's WTO accession. The Fourth such workshop will be held in New Delhi from 11 to 13 March 2014 and will aim to facilitate an in-depth discussion on specific issues raised during recent working party meetings, including the elements of WTO compatible institutional infrastructure and the recently concluded WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement, in particular from the view point of SMEs. Undertaking institutional visits will be a key component of the three day-programme to provide first-hand exposure to regulatory institutions and other operational requirements stipulated in the WTO Agreements.