ESCAP-CWS-MOC Training on Evidence-based Trade Policy and WTO Trade Defence Measures

10 Mar 2014 to 14 Mar 2014
Yangon, Myanmar

In response to a request from the Government of Myanmar, ESCAP is organizing training on evidence-based trade policy and WTO Trade Defence Measures. This is being conducted in cooperation with the Centre for WTO Studies (CWS), India, and Ministry of Commerce, Myanmar. This workshop complements, ESCAP's overall capacity-building work related to trade, including through the creation of a pool of highly-trained policymakers and decision-makers who are proficient in the usage and application of evidence-based policymaking. Trainees will be in a position to make well-informed policy decisions and/or recommendations based on high-quality research evidence and analysis. Participants are drawn from policymakers, academics and the private sector.