44th Session of the APTA Standing Committee

24 Jul 2014 to 25 Jul 2014
Bangkok, Thailand

At the request of the Participating States, the TID-APTA Secretariat is preparing for the 44th session of the APTA Standing Committee (SC) at UNCC from 24-25 July, pending the final confirmation of the dates by the APTA Members. This SC session, among others, will look into the wording on draft legal instrument to conclude the Fourth Round of tariff concessions and recommend to the APTA Ministerial Council and to discuss the date for the implementation of the 4th round negotiation results. The SC session is expected to finalize the wording of the Ministerial Declaration to be adopted at the conclusion of the 4th session of the APTA Ministerial Council, re-scheduled for October 2014 as decided by the APTA Standing Committee at its 43rd session held in Vientiane. Furthermore, at this session, the APTA Standing Committee is expected to continue the negotiations on supplementary criteria for Rules of Origin and finalize the draft Protocol for the signature by the Ministerial Council at its 4th session.

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