The 2nd Roundtable on Transboundary Air Pollution in Northeast Asia

9 Dec 2016
Seoul, Republic of Korea

In 2014, 'The 1st Roundtable Discussion on Transboundary Air Pollution in Northeast Asia' was successfully held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), Ministry of Environment (MOE) of the Republic of Korea, and Northeast Asian Subregional Programme on Environmental Cooperation (NEASPEC) Secretariat to examine the status quo of transboundary air pollution in the region, national and regional mitigation efforts in Northeast Asia, and to explore possible collaborative potentials within the region.

This year, the three organizers will host the 2nd Roundtable Discussion on 9 December, 2016 in Seoul, Republic of Korea to review their efforts in the past two years, learn from existing cooperative mechanisms in other parts of the world, and review the development of NEASPEC's cooperative framework. In addition, they will explore ways forward to mitigate regional air pollution problem through open, interactive and in-depth discussions among government officials, researchers, academics and other experts.