Organizational Development and Staffing Unit

Performance Management


The current Performance Management and Development (PMD) system came into force on 30 April 2010. The policy, as described in ST/AI/2010/5, emphasizes staff development and aims to embrace the entire spectrum of performance management, including accountability, training and regular performance feedback.

e-Performance in Inspira

Staff and managers may access the e-Performance module in Inspira. The tool offers an easy way to document and transmit discussions throughout the performance appraisal cycle, i.e., work plan, mid-point review, and end-of-cycle appraisal. It also draws our attention to basic performance management principles, such as agreement on the planning of work, demonstration of competencies, staff development, and on-going discussion.

PMD training at ESCAP

All staff are encouraged to participate in the relevant training and familiarize themselves with the revised policy, and managers are expected to support and promote the personal development and continuous learning of their staff. The PMD offerings include:

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Form and Guidelines

These guidelines set out the responsibilities of the rebuttal chairperson and panel members and offer guidance on how to conduct the rebuttal process in a timely manner. They were drafted in accordance with sections 14 and 15 of ST/AI/2010/5.