Call for Papers: Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, No.87 “Transport and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

Transport and Communications Bulletin for Asia and the Pacific, No.87 Call for Papers on the theme of “Transport and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”

Transport plays a critical role in economic and social development by providing access to economic and social opportunities. Transport facilitates the movement of people, goods, labour, resources, products and ideas across the region, creating market opportunities for both consumers and producers. Different transport modes and services, and the state of domestic and international connectivity can greatly influence the well-being of the people and their environment. At the same time, the transport sector is a major contributor to climate change, one of the top consumers of fossil fuels and generates a variety of emissions. Increasing levels of motorization in the Asia and the Pacific has also resulted in an increase in traffic fatalities and injuries.

Transport sector can make a direct and indirect contribution towards the achievements of the SDGs. The three pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental – need to be integrated into transport policies, planning and operation. Strong political will at national, regional and global level to develop and implement innovative transport policies and projects will be crucial, to make transport more sustainable and in attaining many of the SDGs.

With this background, ESCAP is calling for original research articles highlighting the inter-linkages of transport policies and activities with the SDGs. Focus should be on cases and studies in the Asia and the Pacific region that demonstrate the potential of transport policies, initiatives and projects contributing towards achievement of the SDGs. Articles may cover one or more of the following topics:

a) Transport contribution towards ending poverty, hunger and achieving food security (Goals 1 and 2);
b) Improving road safety (Goal 3);
c) Improving energy efficiency in the transport sector (Goal 7);
d) Development of quality, reliable, sustainable and resilient transport infrastructure (Goal 9);
e) Improvement of urban public transportation system (Goal 11);
f) Climate impacts on transport and mitigation and adaptation measures (Goal 13);
g) Collaboration and partnership to develop sustainable transport system (Goal 17).

Papers can be regional or country case studies, analytical studies of transport policy frameworks or empirical policy analysis, directly or indirectly contributing towards the attainment of one or more SDGs in a meaningful manner. Evaluation will be based on analytical depth and/or novel perspectives. Only unpublished papers will be considered. All articles will be peer reviewed.

Interested authors are requested to send an abstract (no more than 200 words) to the Editor, Transport Division, ESCAP ([email protected]) and ([email protected]) not later than 14 April 2017. Following an internal review, authors will be asked to submit their full articles. The deadline of submission for the final paper is 30 June 2017. Completed articles may not exceed 7,500 words, including tables, figures and bibliographical references, and has to follow the format specified in the “Guidelines for contributors” (to be emailed). The Bulletin will be published online in the last quarter of 2017.